Thank you for the supporting and responding in the SSRA 2021 Election of Officers. There were 94 Ballots sent to the Association members and 68 were returned! This is an amazing 72% participation in the election and the largest response the SSRA has ever had in an election! The SSRA has many dedicated members all wanting to see the Association not only survive, but thrive! Thank you to those who took the time to submit your ballots. Your SSRA 2021 Election results are as follows.

President:                           Stephen Hutchings WM7X

Vice President:                 Robert Skiba W2RY

Secretary:                           Ryan Robert KE7MAI

Treasurer:                           Myria Ince N7CCR

Please join us in welcoming these newly elected Officers as they begin their new role in serving the SSRA! Also the sincerest of thanks from all to those who have served the SSRA so diligently. Richard, and Suzan deserve a hearty “Thank You” for the work they have done to propel the SSRA during their terms! The SSRA is a stronger and more robust group because of their contributions.

Stay tuned for some fun activities and group involvement in the near future, as the SSRA embarks on many Amateur activities that will keep members engaged. Ham-Cram is coming soon, as is Fox Hunting, Antenna building workshops and SSRA APRS Balloon Flights.

You’re in for a treat with the SSRA!


Your 2021 SSRA Election Committee