APRS Ballooning has arrived at the SSRA!

*We have LIFTOFF*

“SKYLAR” our APRS balloon has taken flight Thursday morning March 11th, at 6:20 AM Pacific!  Use the link on our homepage to easily track with one click. 

Here’s hoping for Blue Skies & Gentle Winds! Thanks to our financial supporters!

Les K7FTQ “Launch Crew”

Claude WA4N “Launch Crew”

Alex KCOREL “Launch Crew”

B.S. KD7QOG”Launch Crew”

Rob KJ7SAB “Launch Crew”

Stephen WM7X “Launch Crew”

Ryan KE7MAI “Launch Crew”

Mary KI7CAN “Launch Crew”

Greg KJ7EHA “Launch Crew”

Lee KJ7REG “Launch Crew”

Aaron KJ7UET “Launch Crew”

Scott KJ7TYR “Launch Crew”

Jack W7JMK “Launch Crew”

Trevor KS1LAS “Technical Director”

Rob W2RY “Launch Director”