APRS Ballooning has arrived at the SSRA!

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Launch Funding Goal 82%

“Wanna Fly Around the World?”….well, how about your call sign flying around the world?

The SSRA is going to launch our APRS balloon on Saturday March 6, 2021. Specific details (launch location, exact time, etc) are still pending but it will most likely be in the early morning hoping to avoid later day winds, giving the balloon as much of the first 24 hours of flight in the Sun to run the APRS radio. The event will be live-streamed on Facebook from the SSRA Group Page. In person launch attendance will be limited to sponsoring Radio Amateurs and will also be dependent upon the, then current, COVID restrictions.

The funding of this project was seeded by an Association member and we are looking to raise funding to offset that individual’s cost. Total cost of the flight is approximately $350 dollars. Any funding raised beyond this flight’s costs will be held in an account for our next flight whenever and whatever that might be (maybe a WSPR balloon?).

Your donation of $35 or more, will then add your call sign to the back of the Solar Panels on the Balloon Radio! Your call sign may very well circumnavigate PLANET EARTH! How cool is that?

Donations can be sent to PayPal.me/W2RY 

Please include a note as to what the donation is for (APRS Balloon Flight).

Here’s hoping for Blue Skies & Gentle Winds! Thanks to our financial supporters!

Les K7FTQ “Launch Contributor”

Rob KJ7SAB “Launch Crew”

Stephen WM7X “Launch Crew”

Ryan KE7MAI “Launch Crew”

Mary KI7CAN “Launch Crew”

Greg KJ7EHA “Launch Crew”

Lee KJ7REG “Launch Crew”

Rob W2RY “Launch Director”