2023 SSRA Foxhunting
Fox Hunt schedule March 18th - October 21st

The SSRA holds monthly Foxhunts on the third Saturday of each month March through October. Remember, all you need is an HT radio and your favorite RDF antenna. Click here for plans to build your own antenna!

If you plan to hunt with us, please sign up at Ham Club On-Line. We ask that current club members to log into your account, and RSVP for the event listed on your club calendar. Guest hunters are asked to send us an email, so we know you are participating too! Guest hunters are encouraged to consider a small donation to the cause with the PayPal button below.

Regular 2023 Foxhunts are FREE to all SSRA members. Participating members can contribute, if they wish, to the Fox Food Fund (FFF) as well. We strongly encourage guest hunters to donate to the Fox Food Fund (FFF) below:



Each month the winner of the fox hunt will be posted here on the website. At the end of the season a winner for the season will be declared.

March 2023 Winner  KO3MKO3M

April 2023 Winner

May 2023 Winner

June 2023 Winner

July 2023 Winner

August 2023 Winner

September 2023 Winner

October 2023 Winner