Local Eastern Washington & Oregon Repeaters

Eastern Washington Repeaters

Eastern Oregon Repeaters

Chirp File of Eastern Washington & Eastern  Oregon repeaters

CHIRP is a free, open source tool for programming frequencies, tones and offsets into many of today’s VHF-UHF radios using a PC, Linux or Apple computer and programming cord. Follow this link to download the version you prefer for your operating system…


To program a radio using CHIRP, a special formatted file listing of frequencies, tones, with associated offsets, must be IMPORTED into the CHIRP application, which will then use the file to program your radio. Creating the programming file (in CSV format) can be time consuming and error prone.

It is most handy to start with a file with many of the local area frequencies of interest, then add or delete to suit your own needs. The above CSV file has Washington and Oregon repeaters listings in it. Feel free to either use the CSV file, or compile your own version that you will upload to your own radio.

The above PDF files are a simple list of repeaters for your area.  It has most of the Southeastern Washington 2M and 70cm band repeater. You may want to edit and customize this CSV file to fit your needs and for your specific needs.

You can then import the file CSV into CHIRP and use CHIRP to make your edits. Be sure to Export or Save AS your edits as a CSV file from CHIRP for future mods or use on other radios. The CSV file is generally rig independent. Chirp is NOT the easiest program, but it is free! Exercise the Chirp program you just downloaded and add and remove and frequencies you wish.

Questions, please just ask! If you have additions or corrections to the files, please reach out to us so we can update them to reflect the most current repeater availability.