The SSRA hosted a local Salmon Run participation event at 2 Rivers Park in Kennewick Washington on Saturday and Sunday September 21st and 22nd. Here are the results being submitted for the SSRA to the Western Washington DX Club, the official sponsor of the event.

Here are some stats from the weekend that the SSRA produced.


Event was visited by 22 licensed Amateurs.

15 of the 22 were active on the air making contacts.

232 contacts were made using 3 bands.

80 Meters netted 83 contacts.

40 Meters netted 72 contacts. 6 were CW

20 Meters netted 77 contacts. 22 were DIGITAL FT8



4 Counties on “Hit List” for Salmon Run 2020, for having refused to be caught this year are Mason, Skamania, Thurston and Whatcom counties.

USA 223 contacts

Alaska 5 contacts

Canada 2 contacts

Hawaii 1 contact

Puerto Rico 1 contact



Sean W7SPF 40 contacts for 17% of total (winner)!

McKenzie KI7LZO 34 contacts for 15% of total

Stephen WM7X 32 contacts for 14% of total

Nate N7CQB 29 contacts for 13% of total

Les K7FTQ 22 contacts for 9% of total

Jessie KA7ISH 18 contacts for 8% of total

Scott KG7TYA 17 contacts for 7% of total

Peter KJ7IEA 10 contacts for 4% of total

Mark KI7SI 7 contacts for 3% of total

Art K7EP 6 contacts for 3% of total

Richard KI7OOM 6 contacts for 3% of total

Tom KD7CDC 5 contacts for 2% of contacts

Ed KG7NGV 4 contacts for 2% of total

Curtis KJ7QJB 1 contact for 1% of total

Trevor NZ4RN 1 contact for 1% of total


We hope that everyone had a great time at the event. Comments/Questions/Suggestions? Please reach out to us at the SSRA.


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