SSRA Volunteer Examiner Team

Meet your Volunteer Examiner Team! We're looking forward to assisting you with your New license, or Upgrading your current license!

Stephen Hutchings WM7X

Kennewick Washington


I served as an officer in the Spout Springs Repeater Association for several years. In October ’21, I assumed the duties of the Contact Volunteer Examiner, administering testing the SSRA offers. Mentoring, teaching, testing and finally talking to newly licensed hams on the air is rewarding! I have been licensed 26 years, and enjoy every aspect of amateur radio. I hope to meet you on the air waves someday! This hobby is a blast, so if you are not having fun, you ain’t doing it right!

Rob Skiba W2RY

Pasco Washington


I began the W5YI Online testing program for our local area in November of 2020, and have been pleased to associate my team with the Spout Springs Repeater Association. I have seen the massive increase of test candidates from all over the USA. I have been licensed for 23 years, and enjoy the hobby. I find offering online testing to be rewarding and fulfilling. I hope to meet you on the airwaves someday soon, after your online test with the Spout Springs Repeater Association’s VE Team.

Timber Burton N7DJE

College Place Washington



Tom Thomas W7TCT

Richland Washington


I finally got my license in 2017 after wanting one for 40 years and I enjoy 2m on the SSRA repeater, FT-8 on HF, and DMR as well. I’m also an ARRL VE working in-person testing. The pairing of W5YI with ExamTools  and being a VE with the SSRA team has been fantastic. It is amazing how we can use online testing and, just a few days later, brand new callsigns are assigned! 73

Alexander Archer N7SM

Pasco Washington


Hello! I’m Alex, N7SM. I’ve been licensed since 2003, and enjoy portable operation as well as SOTA and POTA. I’m working on getting back into CW. I enjoy building and tinkering with kits and learning everything I can about amateur radio. For my day job I’m a pilot with a major US airline. Hope to hear you on the air some time soon!

Davena Burton  KT7JE

Walla Walla Washington


From Walla Walla I am able to assist in remote exams for the SSRA. I am also ARRL accredited and enjoy serving both VEC’s in administering exams. I am blessed to have a husband and 3 sons also licensed! We are a big HAM family! Keep studying and learn all you can!

Lester Sousley K7FTQ

Kennewick Washington


First licensed in 2005 as a Technician.  Upgraded to General in 2016 and Extra in 2020.  Enjoy making contacts around the world beginning with JT-65 and now FT-8.  Grateful to share my love of the hobby with others and especially grateful for the opportunity to give back by serving as a VE in the W5YI group.

Dan Cook N7SH

Richland Washington


Bio Soon!

Mark Hunn KI7SI

Richland Washington


Mark was operating in the field as Net Control for the Three Rivers Aux-Comm Emergency net. The Net airs Mondays at 1800 on the W7AZ repeater 146.64 MHz with a 100 Hz tone. Mark is the director for the local Auxillary Communications group and is affiliated with the Bento and Franklin County Emergency Operations Centers. Email him at if you would like to participate!

Rob Tooley WO1Z

West Richland Washington


I currently serve the SSRA as President and recently joined the ranks as a VE. I hope to be in your test session and get to witness your first license, or be there when you upgrade to a higher class of license with more privileges. You’re going to appreciate the examination and how smooth it is. Welcome to Ham Radio!

Jack Kelley W7JMK

Pasco Washington


Bio Soon!

Robert Morrow K8TX

West Richland Washington


Bio Soon!

Mike Pippins AG7VD

Pasco Washington


I really enjoy my time with the SSRA and this testing team. I am a radio technician and learn more about this hobby daily. I hope to be in your test session and get to witness your first license, or be there when you upgrade to a higher class of license with even more privileges.

Lynn Wilson K7LW

Athena Oregon


Since receiving my Novice license in High School, Ham Radio has been a guiding light in my life’s career choices, civilian and military. With nearly 45 years working in technical and engineering support roles for the Government, the Military, and in Aerospace while in the private sector. I’ve traveled the world and this great country in the various positions I’ve held over the years. Along the way, I met some amazing people in my travels. I pursued advanced education aiming higher for the next rung on the ladder of life. I tackled many challenges in my professional life in complex systems I have worked with, passing my own lessons learned onto those just beginning their climb on life’s ladder. I still enjoy the simple things of my personal life like a relaxing ride on my Harley down a quiet back road, or a tall cold glass of ice tea, relaxing on my deck on a summer’s day. Being retired I have more time to explore and learn about this wonderful hobby of Ham Radio by building repeaters, exploring new technologies in communications, teaching others, and meeting amazing folks on the airways. It’s an absolutely incredible ride which I cherish. I wish you well on your own journey my friend, for I’m still enjoying mine.

April Nickols W7ANC

Goldendale Washington


I  have always been interested in being a ham. The thought of communicating all over the world, seemed exciting. Then came the idea of being able to communicate in disasters, or no pwer situations. Being able to help in some way. Keeping people informed, staying informed. Being able to talk to the astronauts on the space station, and  the beautiful sound, of CW. I hope to see you in a test session very soon!

Danny Beaman KO3M

Pasco Washington


I received my Technician class license in 1993, and since then HAM radio has been one of my favorite hobbies. I became a member of the SSRA in January 2021 and recently upgraded to Extra with the help and encouragement of members in the SSRA. I am looking forward to serving in the VE Testing program and hope to hear you on the air. 


Susan Hill KG7FOE

Tonasket Washington


Bio Soon!

Tom Houck KD7CDC

Kennewick Washington


I have been with the SSRA for many years and am now able to give back to the Association and the hobby as a Volunteer Examiner! I enjoy my privileges on the bands and am particularly interested in the digital modes. I use the APRS System almost daily in my travels for work. Hey, maybe we will get to communicate with each other someday using Slow Scan TV, FT-8, or RTTY? Catch you on the air!

Dennis Keyfauver K3DCK

Fort Wayne, Indiana


I became interested in Amateur Radio in ’57, and became licensed in ’85.  I became a VE in ’02 with the Whitley County Club.  I was an Electronic Technician in the US Navy Submarine Service, and worked for several electronic companies after leaving military life.  I retired in ’11 after 25 years as a Senior Electrical Engineer with the Magnavox/Raytheon Company.  During my Raytheon time, I was able to work in Greece for many years building Greek Military equipment.  This has been a great hobby and have met many great people.  I enjoy testing new Hams and those upgrading their license.  Fair winds and following seas my friends.  73

Ed McLaughlin W6OLA

Kennewick, Washington


I have been licensed since 1960. Amateur Extra Class ARRL Certified VE. I served 6 years in the US Navy as E5 Radioman. I took an active part in the Cuban Blockade 1962 – 1963 serving as a radioman for the US Marine Recon Force during a combat rescue operation in the Dominican Republic. Home QTH and “GO STATION” always ready. I hope to be involved with your licensing and get to be one of your first contacts!

Mick Hannigan KO7DX

Pasco, Washington


I am a Volunteer Examiner associated with the W5YI VEC. The local club I belong to is the Spout Springs Repeater Association (SSRA). A large number of the SSRA members are also Volunteer Examiners, ready to help you succeed with your exam for the next stage in your in amateur experience. Many of the options we offer include using the Wires-X, Echo Link, contacting the International Space Station, participating in the Annual Field Day, and emergency communication. We offer opportunities with launching weather balloons and many more enjoyable activities.

Robert Tollison W7RGZ

Kennewick Washington



Trevor Marvin NZ4RN

Richland Washington



Jeff Stidham AL1Q

Walla Walla Washington



Ed Clark K7ELC

Lewiston Idaho 



Jon Coomber KB7TU

Pasco Washington


I enjoy this hobby and I am confident that you will too! I am able to serve as a VE locally, and remotely with the SSRA test team. See you soon at your exam!

Tyson Brooks W7BL

La Grande Oregon



Jason Fouts W7JSN

Union Oregon


I enjoy this hobby and I am confident that you will too! I am able to serve as a VE locally, and remotely with the SSRA test team. I also have taught Ham Cram presentations, assisting others in getting their licenses too. See you soon at your exam!